Laura Reed

About Laura Reed

I am a web developer living in the Seattle area. I started making websites in 2003 after my aunt gave me a copy of Dreamweaver. Since then I've developed my talents beyond just coding. I've taught web development classes and participated in classes as a teacher's assistant. I am proficient in HTML and CSS, and I have a good working knowledge of JavaScript (jQuery), PHP and MySQL. I also have been a server administrator for many years and I have experience with Linux servers and Windows servers.

When I'm not working on a website or helping people with their computer needs, I am out in nature taking photographs. I absolutely love my camera and I couldn't see myself without it. Someday I hope to offer professional photography services.

I am an autodidact - a person who is self-educated. I've never attended college, but I have never neglected learning. I am always learning something new. I take courses on Coursera, browse Khan Academy, and I absolutely love Learnable and Team Treehouse!

List of Skills [expand]

♦ Adobe Fireworks
♦ Adobe Photoshop
♦ Apache Web Server
♦ Aptana
♦ CoreFTP
♦ Debian Linux (OS)
♦ Google Adwords Editor
♦ Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise
♦ JavaScript (jQuery)
♦ Magento Community
♦ Microsoft Excel
♦ Microsoft Outlook
♦ Microsoft Word
♦ Notepad++
♦ Open Office
♦ UPS Worldship
♦ Windows 7 (OS)
♦ Windows Server 2008 (OS)
♦ Zen-Cart